> Introduction > Activities

  • 1. Business of promoting the friendship among the members, rights and interests and a joint enterprise for breaking the bottleneck
  • 2. Research study and policy making business of development for rubber industry
  • 3. Improvement and technical development of the productivity for rubber industry
  • 4. Promotion project of the industrial standardization and consumer protection
  • 5. Product’s standards, performance test, quality evaluation and certification business
  • 6. Collaboration business of utilizing the facilities in research and development
  • 7. professional personnel business through technology training
  • 8. Support project of acquiring professional technical qualification
  • 9. Expansion business on the foundation of international cooperation
  • 10. Domestic and international business of holding, attending and arranging exhibitions
  • 11. Publication and distribution of various information, advertisement, statistics and data to promote rubber industry
  • 12. Project of establishing countermeasure and recommending to the government to promote rubber industry
  • 13. Government commission project to the development of rubber industry
  • 14. Other promotion project and development business in rubber industry