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Korea Rubber Industry Association.

KRISA established on 17th Mar. 2014. Rubber industry has a long history, about more than 100 years but at the beginning it had not developed as a full industry with the main production of rubber shoes.
Since then with rigorous efforts in rubber industry has laid the foundation of not only rubber industry but also rubber related industry in order to be competitive in the global marketplace. At the same time with the development and supply of household products it has been enriched people’s lives.

Nowadays rubber industry has grown with the capacity of more than 10,000 companies and over 25 trillion production, and $10 billion export. As you all know well, rubber has been close related to every industry like car, aerospace, electrical and electronics field, shipbuilding, rail freight, tire and shoes, etc. In addition, it affects every single aspect of everyday life so that we cannot imagine world without rubber.

We will focus on not only supporting a wide variety of research development for rubber materials, multi-functional parts and high-added value products in order to produce global rubber products but also fostering sufficient experts, raising the future growth engine of nation’s key industries.

KRISA will continue to exert utmost efforts as an association that will contribute to the development of Korea rubber industry as well as global industries in a more creative and value-productive way through closer cooperation with KRISA members, related organizations and every single visitor at KRISA. I look forward to your continued encouragement and patronage for our association.

Thank you.